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    Lavan Tablo Company, established in 2001.
    the leading of LV and MV switchgears in Iran.
  • Lavan Tablo Company
    Designer and manufacturer of LV and MV switchgears.

About Us

Lavan Tablo Company, established in 2001, has been the leading designer and manufacturer of LV and MV switchgears, Compact substations and industrial automation in Iran. It was based on entrepreneurial notions and relied upon its personnel’s vast expertise in the field of electrical engineering.
Having gained solid experience in the industry and having made a strong brand identity, Lavan Tablo diversified into other areas of power and energy solutions in 2010 and at the moment LAVAN Industrial Group consists of 4 companies in Iran, which are Lavan Tablo, Lavan Niroo, Barez Kelid and Pouyan Rah Parand. Lavan group also has manufacturing facilities in Italy and Iraq and a company in Malaysia which is active in the realm of Oil and Gas.
Our business is built upon quality and providing our clients with the most valuable, reliable, on time solutions in Energy sector along with careful after-sales services to the point of our customers’ delight has been the key to our success.
Our mision is to be the most reliable partner for our clients in Iran and abroad and foster a long-lasting professional relationship with our suppliers and customers, with a win-win perspective.

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