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Lavan Tablo company was founded in 2002 , enjoying modern thinking, the latest global technologies, verified local and international standards, dedication to quality improvement and customer satisfaction and an efficient engineering body, to design and manufacture various types of LV and MV switchgear, fixed and withdrawable, process and control.

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Services offered by Lavan Tablo CO

LV Switchgear

Manufacturer of Switchgear in Fix and withdrawable Model as well as manufacturing of Protection , Control and Marshaling Switchgear with suitable protection level in the range of 230-690 KV and according to IEC.

MV Switchgear

Manufacturing of Ttraditional AIS & GIS , Induction and withdrawable furnaces in different ranges up to 40.5 KV according to IEC .

Control and Process

Manufacturing PLC and Control Switchgear in different ranges and control tablers

Compact substation

Manufacturer of different compact Substations in the models of Ground and 2-floor with suitavle structure as per the required protection degree and manufacturing different types of Mobile Substation in the ranges of 636 and 230 KV according to IEC

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working days

Saturday to Thursday : 07:30 am - 14:45pm

Kerman Factory

Kerman Office & factory: 2nd Melika St., Melika Blvd. Industrial Zone No 2(Khazra)
zip code:7617199976

Tel & Online

Kerman Tel: 034- 33386168-9
Fax:034- 33386411-14

Tehran Tel: (+9821) 44479049
Tehran Fax :(+9821)44478695

Tehran Address

No 10, 21st Alley, Northern Ashrafi Esfahani Expressway, Tehran, Iran
zip.code : 1469915545

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